Become all that He created you to be!

Passionate commitment to Christ, learning to trust and depend on God in our daily lives is what leads to a life that thrives!

There is a wide range of connect courses that happen each trimester which focus on specific areas of spiritual growth and training. These connect courses operate out of the church building.

Autumn Trimester 2019
22nd September - 30th November
Spring Trimester 2020
12th January - 21st March
Summer Trimester 2020
19th April - 27th June
Autumn Trimester 2020
20th September - 28th November
Spring Trimester 2021
10th January - 20th March
Summer Trimester 2021
18th April - 26th June
Click on the church address in  the map below to sign up for one of these connect courses.

Connect Courses

Connect courses  designed around specific growth areas. 

Christianity Explored

This is the perfect starting point for the sceptic and the not yet convinced person to explore questions about God and Jesus.
 It is very informal and is a safe place to investigate faith.

Life Explored

Another great starting point for people investigating faith. Life Explored looks at the idea of what makes life worth living and how God wants to meet our deepest needs and desires. 

Apprentice Life

Want to discover how to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus as we learn how to apprentice ourselves to Him?
Using spiritual practices, we can step into life in all its fullness by allowing God to shape our hearts and minds.


This group meets to get to grips with the doctrines of the Christian faith  in an accessible way.

Bible Study

This connect group meets to study through a book of the bible.


For those who are interested in the practice of listening to God's voice and exploring various types of prayer. 

Freedom in Christ

So many of us live with habitual patterns  that hold us back from walking in the freedom Jesus promised us. This group for all who want to experience life transformation and break free.

Keys to Freedom

Live free, stay free. God's heart is to see the body of Christ educated, equipped and empowered to live free and stay free – to be whole, restored, transformed and ready to impact the world with a message of hope. This connect group will help equip you to do that!