TLC Bible Study

Bible Study

On alternate Monday nights at 8pm, we gather together to work our way through scripture as an encouragement to each other and to help us in our own personal Bible reading discipline. When is this next on?


This activity is not for the feint hearted, but if ascending steep objects sets your pulse racing, get in touch and find out when our next adventure is.

Contact: John McConville on 07764 757443

TLC Climbing


Enjoy road cycling? Come along for some training with the TLC Cycling club, a bit of banter and usually some coffee and buns too!

Contact: Bob Ayre 07843 749798  or

Join the Facebook group to keep up to date.

Mountain Biking

A great opportunity to connect with other adrenaline fuelled individuals, by hitting the trails and enjoying the great outdoors.

Contact: Benji O’Neill 07751 748584

Mountain Biking TLC
TLC Football Shared Interest Group


Like a kick-about with the lads? We’d love you to join us each Saturday evening. When is this next on?

Contact: Darren Connolly 07872933624


Crafters of all shapes, sizes and skill levels gather on the first Monday night of the month at 7.30pm. If you’d like to learn something new or share something you’ve been working on, come along and enjoy tea, coffee and craft! When is this next on?

Contact: Jill Ward 07972 475817

TLC Handcraft
TLC Photography Club


Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice, we’d love to see you at the next PIC photography interest group meeting on first Monday night of the month.

Contact:Richard Corbett 07805 381429 or

Join our Facebook group to keep up to date.


If braving the cool waters and riding the waves off our shores is your thing then we want to ear from you. An awesome opportunity to enjoy some adrenaline soaked surf whilst building friendships along the way.

Contact: John and Catherine McConville 07764 757443

TLC Surfing
table top games

Table Top Games

If Catan, Ticket to ride, Pandemic or Coup mean anything to you then this SIG is for you! Why not get connected with others who like table top games. Everyone is welcome. When is this next on?

Contact: Andrew McKee 07787 043139