We are better together! No matter where we are in life, we all need people to love, encourage, challenge and support us, even when they get to know us as we really are! There are many avenues of how you can begin to live connected at TLC.

TLC Connect Nights

Connect Nights

Ladies’ Connect (Click HERE for 2017 Programme) on 3rd Monday night of each month and Men’s Connect (Click HERE for 2017 Programme) on the last Monday of each month provide opportunities to go beyond the hellos and goodbyes of a Sunday. 

Building and developing same sex friendships through social activities is just one way to live connected.

Football TLC

Shared Interest Groups

Celebrating the diversity that God has built in us, shared interest groups help us build smaller communities of people with similar passions and interests within the big one. This is an easy way to find like-minded people.

Some of the groups meet weekly, monthly and others when it suits.

This is an easy way to find like-minded people and invite others into our community. 

TLC Small Group

Small Groups

Unlike other groups that meet in the church, small groups are not just another activity to attend, but a group of people to be committed to. We love large group gatherings in church, Sundays are awesome, but we want to ensure that every single person in TLC is known and cared and we are convinced that small groups is where this happens best.

Life is always better together and with Accountability, Belonging and Care as the ABCs of small groups, a small group can be a source of life and joy for you. We are convinced that life transformation happens here.

Groups meet weekly in Newtownards and surrounding towns.